The FoNS Inspire Improvement Fellowship Review 2021-2022

Exploring the Rainbow: Growing as Leaders, Navigating Complexity, Moving to Action 

by Jo Odell, Inspire Improvement Lead and FoNS Facilitator 

We are delighted to present our review of our first ‘blended’ Inspire Improvement Fellowship programme. The review explores the experiences of participants as well as the outcomes. Key themes demonstrate the importance of developing skills and confidence to try new tools and techniques in practice, the importance of a safe, shared learning environment and that it is possible for people to learn how to have an impact on their workplace culture.  

Jo Odell says: ‘It was wonderful to witness how much the fellows have developed and grown from when I first met them and how they are truly free to be themselves. I witnessed human flourishing in each of them. This has since translated into promotion and new roles for some and for others reaching difficult decisions to change their nursing journey to improve their work life balance.’ 

And this is echoed by participants: ’I have greater confidence to lead and facilitate. I am more likely to challenge practice and culture that is unhelpful. This has impacted on my communication with senior leadership and my relationships on the units.’ 

Inspire Improvement: Exploring the Rainbow  (PDF 3MB)

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