Person-centred Cultures: A FoNS Development Programme

FoNS is delighted to be able to offer this new programme designed to support registered nurse, Midwife and health visitor leaders to develop person-centred cultures in the workplace.

This Burdett Trust partnership programme follows on from the hugely successful and transformative Inspire Improvement Fellowship. FoNS has been working with nurses and midwives for over 30 years, and is a leader in culture change work in the health and care sector. FoNS believes that workplace culture is what determines the experience of staff, patients and residents and that in workplaces that are person-centred, care will be the best it can be, staff will feel valued and enabled to innovate.

This programme brings together FoNS’s immense experience in facilitation of learning and understanding of culture change in the health and social care sector. The transformative nature of FoNS’s programmes can be seen in ‘Our Stories‘.

It is practice-based – you learn in and from your own practice benefitting from FoNS’s hugely successful approach to learning and development.

The programme will be underpinned by FoNS’s Creating Caring Cultures© model as well as the Person-centred Practice Framework (PCPF) (McCormack and McCance, 2020) and the Person-centred Leadership Framework (Cardiff et al., 2018).

We welcome applications from people from diverse backgrounds in any health or social care setting.

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