Norfolk and Waveney Teaching and Learning Care Homes Programme Evaluation Report

We are pleased to share the final evaluation report of the Norfolk and Waveney Teaching and Learning Care Home (TLCH) programme which was commissioned by the former Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group.

The TLCH programme worked with 4 care homes providing nursing care across the Norfolk and Waveney system. Each participating home focussed on a workplace project linked to the local priorities identified in the Enhanced Health in Care Home programme – projects identified by participating homes included Falls Prevention and End of Life Care. The programme ran for 18 months from February 2022-August 2023.

The TLCH programme provided participating care home teams with an opportunity to explore their practice (linked to their localised workplace projects) to enable better resident outcomes. Participants identified that the Programme also created the possibility of working, learning and collaborating with each other along with system partners across their geographic area. Additionally, they identified the opportunity to strategically influence whilst recognising and celebrating their achievements.

NW-TLCH-Evaluation-Final  (PDF 420KB)

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