Resilience-based Clinical Supervision for social care: First feedback

We were blown away by the feedback from the first cohort to finish last week! This fully funded programme is a first, we think, in terms of supporting 1,000 social care nurses!

  • This training has given me the confidence that I’ll be able to conduct supervision with my colleagues and be able to not just have a quick conversation but a meaningful one. 
  • I definitely think I can bring some support to the team and make all staff feel that they are heard, and they are important.
  • I’m sure I will be able to utilise the skills taught within supervision and the course has really increased my confidence in doing so. Thank you
  • I have really enjoyed this programme, it has exceeded my expectations and I am leaving confident in being able to utilise the skills I have learnt within my role
  • Feel refreshed and renewed. Felt like running away from last 30 years at the start

Available to social care nurses in England. Please do mention to social care colleagues you interact with and know!

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