Helping people to live well

Ros Health, Helen Rain and Michelle Sills, Landermeads, Nottingham

L-R: Michelle, Helen and Ros

At Landermeads we are passionate about the work that we do to enable people to live well. We believe that each person is ‘feeling based’ and this is especially the case with people who live with a dementia; when they come to live with us they need to feel ‘at home’, supported by staff who can make emotional connections and to be a valued part of a family. This approach is central to our philosophy of care. Contrary to many perceptions of the care sector, we all think that it is a great place to work. We recruit staff who want to make a difference and who understand the importance of emotional connections and very often these are people who have never worked in care before. Our most important resource is our staff and, with this in mind, we decided that we would like to create a video that would share our passion and enthusiasm and inspire others to seriously consider the care sector and care homes in particular as a positive career choice in which the opportunities to progress are bountiful.

We hope you enjoy the video. If you do, please share it!!

Here is the link for the video:

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