The impact of team culture on patient and relative experience on an elderly care ward

Leader(s)Elizabeth Green (project lead), Nina Oldham and Xoisa Hlatshwayo
LocationBasingstoke and North Hampshire Hospitals
DurationDecember 2016 – June 2018
Received for PublicationDecember 2018

Lack of leadership, multiple vacancies, acuity and dependency had led to low morale which in turn caused poor team culture. This was reflected in the following:

  • Complaints regarding care and communication
  • Poor retention and recruitment rates
  • Increased serious patient safety incidents
  • Negative reputation in the trust


  • Improve team working by improving staff morale, team culture and collaborative working
  • To improve patient and relative experience
  • Reduce patient safety incidents

Approaches and Outcomes

The team took a number of approaches and were keen to look at the culture on the ward.

  • The Patients First Programme had a hugely positive impact on the team and the experience patients and relatives receive on the ward
  • The bursary also enabled them to make the ward more dementia friendly

This project was supported by Patients First, a partnership programme with the Burdett Trust for Nursing.

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