International Practice Development Journal

Volume 1 – Issue 1: May 2011


An introduction to the first issue of the International Practice Development Journal is written by Professor Dickon Weir-Hughes, FoNS’ Chair of Trustees and Chief Executive and Registrar at the Nursing and Midwifery Council, UK


The editorial is written by Theresa Shaw, FoNS Chief Executive and Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Original Practice Development and Research

1. Human flourishing through body, creative imagination and reflection

Angie Titchen, Brendan McCormack, Val Wilson and Annette Solman

Includes a commentary by Paul McIntosh and a response by the authors

2. Evaluation of a practice development programme: the emergence of the teamwork, learning and change model

Val Wilson

Includes a commentary by Wendy Cross

3. Outcomes from a pilot project on workplace culture observations: getting evaluation and outcomes on the agenda

Jan Dewing, Sue Moore, Ella Wilder, Rachel Lohrey, Julia Hoogesteger, Zena Sale and Chris Winstanley

Includes a commentary by Jonathan Webster and a response by Jan Dewing

4. Advancing the practice development outcomes agenda within multiple contexts

Kim Manley, Jackie Crisp and Cheryle Moss

Includes a commentary by Brendan McCormack and a response by the authors

Critical Reflections on Practice Development

5. Reflections on a journey to knowing self

Philip Eldridge

6. Creating a rose garden: showing links between cause and effect in practice development evaluation

Angie Titchen

7. Challenging and supporting Advanced Practice Nurse students in the Netherlands to use active, creative and participative methods in their facilitation of learning

Teatske Johanna van der Zijpp, Famke van Lieshout and Donna Frost

8. Visioning with service users: tensions and opportunities for a new facilitator

Jennifer Haynes and Nadine Jane

Ideas and Influences

9. Annette Street (1995) Nursing Replay: Researching Nursing Culture Together. Melbourne: Churchill Livingstone

Loretta Bellman

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