Title of ArticleWriting with flow: publish and flourish through whole-self writing
Type of ArticleIdeas and influences
Author/sAngie Titchen
ReferenceVolume 3, Issue 1, Article 10
Date of PublicationMay 2013
Keywordscreativity, criticality, human flourishing, reflection, writing

Yesterday was supposed to be a preparation day for writing this short piece, but by the time I had done all my emails and finished some outstanding work (procrastination!), it was late and I felt angry and frustrated with myself. So, I put on my coat and went out for a short walk (yes, in work-time!).  In my pocket I had a small notebook and pencil. The question I posed myself for the walk was how could I get across succinctly some action principles for releasing creativity, transforming ourselves and coming to deeper understanding through writing? As I walked, I intentionally let this question go and opened up my senses. Breathing deeply, I smelled the moist fragrance of late afternoon air. I saw the growing darkness of the sky and the chilling breeze brushed my face. My frustration left me as I refocused my attention on my body. I wrote some short phrases in my notebook about what I was noticing. It seemed that the dark chill symbolised how I was feeling. How could I achieve all of this richness in such a short paper? 

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