International Practice Development Journal

Volume 7 – Special Issue

Enhancing well-being: practice and politics. Sharing learning from the Norwegian Welfare State September 2017

1. Raising the question of dignity through knowledge about tacit practices and politics: sharing learning from the Norwegian welfare state

Oddgeir Synnes, Christine Øye, Karen Christensen and Jan Dewing

The Articles

2. The anti-politics of healthcare policy and its blurring effects on care work in Norway

Anette Fagertun

3. Active ageing

Frode F. Jacobsen

4. Developing a culture of pride, confidence and trust: enhanced collaboration in an interdisciplinary team

Kristin Ådnøy Eriksen and Sølvi Heimestøl

5. The tacit care knowledge in reflective writing – a practical wisdom

Linda Rykkje

6. Tacit practice in care homes

Anne Marie Sandvoll

7. Narrative competence in caring encounters with persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities

Anita Gjermestad

8. ‘It’s good to be useful’: activity provision on green care farms in Norway for people living with dementia

Tobba Therkildsen Sudmann and Ingebjørg Træland Børsheim

9. Silence about encounters with dying among healthcare professionals in a society that ‘de-tabooises’ death

Ellen Ramvi and Birgitta Haga Gripsrud

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