Title of ArticleWalsh, K. Moss, C. Fitzgerald, M. (2006) Solution-focused approaches and their relevance to practice development
Type of ArticleKatrina Ideas and influences
Author/sKatrina Lewis
ReferenceVolume 2, Issue 2, Article 13
Date of PublicationNovember 2012
KeywordsEngagement, facilitation, practice development, solution-focused approaches

In my role as a nurse manager in an acute care hospital, I was invited to participate in a working group formed to develop and implement an organisational shared governance model. As part of this process I was required to critique existing governance structures within my own ward area. I thought critically about whether the existing local decision making framework engaged staff, fostered critical discussion and led to sustainable practice change. I remember feeling quite despondent and overwhelmed with the realisation of the large body of work required to implement a local governance model that achieved these aims for staff and patients.

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