International Practice Development Journal

Volume 3 – Issue 2: Nov 2013


The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Guest Editorial

The Guest Editorial is written by Josie Tetley, (formerly) Senior Lecturer in Nursing and Jan Draper, Professor and
Director of Nursing, Faculty of Health and Social Care Nursing, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Original Practice Development and Research

1. Articulation, service use, managing and coping: understanding the needs of older people and carers living with dementia

Josephine Tetley

This paper includes a commentary by Cheryl Moss and a response by the author

The IPDJ is delighted that the Faculty of Health and Social Care Nursing, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK has sponsored this paper

2. Transforming end of life care using practice development: an arts-informed approach in residential aged care

Joan Yalden, Brendan McCormack, Margaret O’Connor and Sally Hardy

3. A stroke staff training programme involving expert patients: a case study of its impact on staff and service development

Jennifer Read and Rebecca Palmer

4. An international study on innovations in the management of children’s pain

Joan Simons

This paper includes a commentary by Karen Ford

5. Introducing a self-monitoring process in a teenage and young adult cancer unit: impact and implications for team culture and practice change

Caroline Knott, Laura Brown and Sally Hardy

Critical Review of Literature

6. On collaboration between nurses and social workers in the service of older people living at home. A critical literature review

Agneta Cronqvist and Kenneth Sundh

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

7. Appreciative dialogue for co-facilitation in action research and practice development

Belinda Dewar and Cathy Sharp

8. A timeline reflection: emboldened learning from my stories

Angela Brown

9. An enquiry into the spiritual

Christopher Johns

10. Creativity for engagement and celebration: keeping clinicians engaged over the festive season

Nicola Drayton

Ideas and Influences

11. Mandalas as a tool for transformation to enable human flourishing: the influence of Carl Jung

Mary Mulcahy

12. Inspiring ideas and career influences

Elizabeth Robb

13. Why is Sue Pembrey’s work still so relevant today?

Charlotte McArdle

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