International Practice Development Journal

Volume 4 – Issue 2: Nov 2014


The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Guest Editorial

The Guest Editorial is written by Ann McMahon, Research and Innovation Manager, Royal College of Nursing, UK; Visiting Research Fellow, University of Glasgow, Scotland and Ros Moore, Chief Nursing Officer Scotland

Critical Commentary

1. Hear me, value me and see the results

Kay Riley

Original Practice Development and Research 

2. No beginning, no end: an ecology of human flourishing

Brendan McCormack and Angie Titchen

3. Exploring ‘self’ as a person-centred academic through critical creativity: a case study of educators in a school of nursing

Brendan McCormack, Brian McGowan, Mary McGonigle, Deborah Goode, Pauline Black and Marlene Sinclair

4. The importance of inspiring a shared vision

Jacqueline Martin, Brendan McCormack, Donna Fitzsimons and Rebecca Spirig

5. Finding a place for story: looking beyond reflective practice

Sharon Edwards

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

6. Creating and analysing practitioner comics to develop a meaningful ward manifesto for a new dementia care unit

Muna Al-Jawad and Lucy Frost

7. Reflections of a novice action research facilitator

Kate McCarthy

8. Critical reflection on the process of validation of a framework for person-centred practice

Jane Christie and Jane Camp

Ideas and Influences

9. Inability or lack of opportunity?

Ruth Northway

10. How an active learning initiative identified shared decision making as a key influence in patient care

Nicola Drayton and Denika Reddy

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