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Title of ArticleThe articulation of impressions An interview with Kari Martinsen
Type of ArticleInterview
Author/sChristine Øye and Tone Elin Mekki Translated by Hilde Haaland-Kramer
ReferenceVolume 6, Issue 1, Article 2
Date of PublicationMay 2016
Keywordscethics, nursing philosophy, phenomenology, political Samaritan, vulnerability

About Kari Martinsen

Kari Martinsen is a psychiatric nurse and has a masters degree in philosophy and a PhD in history. She is currently Professor Emerita at the University of Tromsø and VID Specialized University, Bergen Campus. Martinsen has worked at the University of Bergen and University of Tromsø in Norway, and Aarhus University in Denmark. At Aarhus, she and fellow colleagues developed and started the masters and PhD programmes in nursing science in the early 1990s. Her academic thinking has been shaped and expressed in the academic settings she has been associated with and collaborated with, such as the Danish theological research group associated with K.E. Løgstrup’s thinking, a Nordic network of research on diaconal history, research on nursing, and not least a group working with M. Foucault’s thinking and texts. Martinsen’s authorship embraces phenomenology, ethics and social history. Currently she is working with architecture, philosophy of sensing and the sacred (Løgstrup) in relation to heterotopic spaces and traditions of asceticism (Foucault). Martinsen’s style of writing is essay-like, explorative, wondering and unhurried. She has written several books and articles.

This article by Christine Øye and Tone Elin Mekki Translated by Hilde Haaland-Kramer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.

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