International Practice Development Journal

Volume 3 – Issue 1: May 2013


The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor and Kate Sanders, IPDJ Managing Editor

Guest Editorial

The guest editorial is written by Kristin Ørmen Johnsen, Rector and Associate Professor and Heidi Kapstad, Dean from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Buskerud University College, Norway.

Original Practice Development and Research

1. ‘To see each other more like human beings… from both sides.’ Patients and therapists going to a study course together

Bengt Karlsson, Marit Borg, Tevje Revheim and Reidun Jonassen

The IPDJ is delighted that the Institute for Research in Mental Health and Substance Abuse which is part of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Buskered University College (BUC), Norway, has sponsored this paper.

2. Promoting person-centred practice within acute care: the impact of culture and context on a facilitated practice development programme

Tanya McCance, Bernadette Gribben, Brendan McCormack and Elizabeth A Laird

This paper includes a commentary by Jackie Crisp and a response by Tanya McCance

3. Biographical learning: a process for promoting person-centredness in nursing

Lioba Howatson-Jones, Claire Thurgate, Myriam Graber, Carma M Harnett, Joanne S Thompson and Deborah A Jordan

Carma, Joanne and Deborah are novice writers and we would like to congratulate them on their first publication

4. Developing person-centred care through the use of autobiography

Diana Jefferies and Debbie Horsfall

5. Trust leading to hope – the signification of meaningful encounters in Swedish healthcare. The narratives of patients, relatives and healthcare staff

Christine Gustafsson, Lena-Karin Gustafsson and Ingrid Snellman

6. Caregiving for existential wellbeing: existential literacy. A clinical study in an anthroposophic healthcare context

Maria Arman, Annica Alvenäng, Nadia El Madani, Anne-Sofie Hammarqvist and Albertine Ranheim

This paper includes a commentary by Charlotte Delmar

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

7. Don’t fix – facilitate: the role of reflection in successful change processes

Ann Scott

8. Confounding expectations: reflection on simulation with learning disability service users

Andrew Southgate

9. The importance of staff engagement to the development of positive workplace cultures  

Sarah Tillott

Ideas and Influences

10. Writing with flow: publish and flourish through whole-self writing

Angie Titchen


11. A key founder of practice development. In celebration of Dr Susan Pembrey, 1942-2013

 Angie Titchen, Steve Ersser and Brendan McCormack

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