International Practice Development Journal

Volume 11 – Issue 2: Nov 2022


The power of collaboration

The editorial is written by Kate Sanders and Caroline A.W. Dickson, IPDJ Academic Co-Editors

Feature Article

2. Creating healthful cultures through Critical Creativity

Angie Titchen

This article includes a commentary by Clare Cable and a response by the author.

As this is a feature article, with the permission of the author and reviewer, post-review we have broken the blind nature of the review process to enable us to include the reviewer’s comments and a response from the author.

Original Practice Development and Research

3. Development and evaluation of a new model for person-centred goal setting using practice development and appreciative inquiry approaches in a rehabilitation unit

Nicola Drayton, Virginia Stulz, Kirsty Blake and Tracy Gilbert

4. Enabling nursing students to have a voice in designing a learning resource to support their participation in a clinical placement 

Maria Mackay, Carley Jans, Jan Dewing, Alicia Congram, Louise Hoogenboom, Tanya King, Daniel Kostiainen and Ionna McCarthy

Alicia Congram, Louise Hoogenboom, Tanya King, Daniel Kostiainen and Ionna McCarthy are all novice writers and we congratulate them on their first publication

5. Evaluating the use of narrative pedagogy in person-centred care and human factors in perioperative practice education

Joanna Holland and Nita Muir

6. Exploring work engagement in the context of person-centred practices: a qualitative study in municipal long-term care facilities for older people  

Hilde Hovda Midje, Kjell Ivar Øvergård and Steffen Torp

7. Nursing students’ experience of learning ethical competence and person-centred care through simulation

Tone K. Knudsen Oddvang, Anne-Lise G. Loftfjell, Liv Mari Brandt and Kristin Sørensen

Critical Reflection on Practice Development 

8. PLATO: a practice development approach to reconsidering student learning partnerships

Claire Hamshire and Kirsten Jack

9. Facilitating person-centred leadership support during the Covid-19 crisis

Bibi Hølge-Hazelton, Elizabeth Rosted, Line Zacho Borre, Brendan McCormack and Mette Kjerholt

Book Reviews

10. Fundamentals of Person-Centred Healthcare Practice  

Erna Snelgrove-Clarke

11. International Practice Development in Health and Social Care (2nd Edition)

Nicki White

Nicki is a novice writer and we’d like to congratulate her on her first publication

12. Towards the Compassionate University: From Golden Thread to Global Impact

Caroline Dickson

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