International Practice Development Journal

Volume 7 – Issue 2: Nov 2017

Editorial: Enhancing Practice 2018: come and be inspired and inspiring

The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Guest Editorial: From research into practice to practice development: FoNS and the IPDJ

The guest editorial is written by Theresa Shaw, FoNS CEO

Original Practice Development and Research

3. A journey through the use of critical creative reflection to explore self in a PhD study

Niamh Kinsella

Niamh Kinsella is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate her on her first publication

4Third-generation professional doctorates in nursing: the move to clarity in learning product differentiation

Andrew Cashin, Mary Casey, Greg Fairbrother, Iain Graham, Lindesay Irvine, Brendan McCormack and Debra Thoms

5. A case study exploring the experience of resilience-based clinical supervision and its influence on care towards self and others among student nurses

Gemma Stacey, Aimee Aubeeluck, Grace Cook and Snigdha Dutta

Critical Review of Literature

6. Towards radical praxis through a new formation in practice development

Toni Wright

7. Practice development and allied health – a review of the literature

Patricia Bradd, Joanne Travaglia and Andrew Hayen

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

8. Beginning explorations of the connectedness between patient-centred care, practice development and advanced nursing competencies to promote professional development

Karen LeGrow and Sherry Espin

9. The nursing professorial unit: translating acute and critical care nursing research

Martin Christensen and Judy Craft

10. Using reflection and visual representation to analyse and build leadership capacity, through a personal account of exemplary leadership

Genevieve Maiden

Genevieve Maiden is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate her on his first publication

11. Knowing me, knowing you: using creative methods to highlight challenges and discover identity and context in an action research study

Catherine Buckley

Ideas and Influences

12. Developing political awareness skills to influence practice

Kathryn Waddington

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