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Title of ArticleAlison Binnie and Angie Titchen (1999) Freedom to Practise: The Development of Patient-centred Nursing. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann.
Type of ArticleIdeas and influences
Author/sJonathan Webster
ReferenceVolume 1, Issue 2, Article 11
Date of PublicationNovember 2011
KeywordsAction research, leadership, nursing, patient centred care, practice development


Working with, developing and supporting teams and individuals can stretch the skills and emotions of clinical managers to extremes. The jubilation of seeing practitioners leading and transforming care, can turn to disbelief when faced with actions that can’t be made sense of, but which has impacted negatively on how a patient or their supporters experienced care. Freedom to Practise was published at a time when I had just left a clinical managers post in a hospital setting. On picking the book up for the first time the narrative was so alive, so fresh and authentic; I could sense, see and feel the complexity of practice along with the energy associated with leading and helping others to develop and improve care for patients. Such energy in the text remains for me today, 12 years after it was published.

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