International Practice Development Journal

Volume 5 – Issue 2: Nov 2015

Editorial: Assuring care

The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Original Practice Development and Research

2. Working collaboratively to develop a patient experience definition and strategy to inform clinical commissioning

Kate Sanders, Samira Ben Omar and Jonathan Webster

This paper includes a commentary by Jo Harding and a response by Samira Ben Omar, Jonathan Webster and Kate Sanders

3. Factors enabling and inhibiting facilitator development: lessons learned from Essentials of Care in South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

Tamera Watling

Tamera Waling is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate her on her first publication

4. ‘We experienced a lack of tools for strengthening coping and health in encounters with patients with chronic illness’: bridging theory and practice through formative research

Kristin Heggdal

5. Practitioner research to promote practice development. The continued development of a multidisciplinary learning environment within a neurorehabilitation care environment for older persons by means of practitioner research

Cyrilla van der Donk and Wietske Kuijer-Siebelink

6. Students experienced help from preservative care. A reflective case study of two nursing students caring from a nursing framework on good care

Jan S. Jukema, Netty van Veelen and Rinda Vonk

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

7. Two related narratives; learning from an evaluation of a short coaching workshop and a pilot coaching project

Keith Jones

Keith Jones is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate him on his first publication

8. Increasing awareness about self and facilitation practice in preparation for transitioning to a new role – the critical reflective process of becoming a certified professional facilitator 

Pauline Bergin

9. Taking risks in sharing data: the use of poetry for dissemination of research

Kath MacDonald

Ideas and Influences

10. The influence of really listening: learning what excellence in care looks like

Fiona McQueen

11. Virtual social communities: how I feel they can influence the spread and uptake of practice development

Joe Henry

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