Title of ArticleThrough the looking glass: provoking progression in practice development?
Type of ArticleConference Supplement Article
Author/sDebbie Horsfall
ReferenceVolume 3, Conference Supplement, Article 1
Date of PublicationMarch 2013
KeywordsCritical companionship, critical questioning, practice development movement

Aims and objectives: My aim in this paper is both to show and tell about the Enhancing Practice Conference in Sydney, and its relevance to practice development, as it unfolded over the three-day duration. It is not a review of the conference; rather it reflects what stood out and was important to me, guided by a conscious process of critical questioning. I have sought to show how core concepts of practice development were embodied in the conference and how this shaped individual behaviour (mine). I also aim to uncover what might be hidden, or inhabiting the margins, of what I have termed the ‘practice development movement’, as showcased at the conference.

Concluding questions and implications for practice:

  • How can indigenous and culturally diverse knowledges, voices and practices be included in their own right?
  • How would a greater emphasis on the larger sociopolitical context of practice development contribute to the movement?
  • How can the theory-practice dualism be kept in balance?

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This article by Debbie Horsfall is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.

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