Title of ArticleAnnette Street (1995) Nursing Replay: Researching Nursing Culture Together. Melbourne: Churchill Livingstone
Type of ArticleIdeas and influences
Author/sLoretta Bellman
ReferenceVolume 1, Issue 1, Article 9
Date of PublicationJune 2011
KeywordsAction research, cultural change, empowerment, practice development, practice research


The first words I saw on opening a slim paperback about nursing research in practice were: ‘We all made mistakes’ (p.viii). Turning to the back pages I didn’t think twice about purchasing it after reading: ‘The crisis of confidence is part of the pain of genuine development’ (p.186). The insights of an experienced social scientist, enabled me, as a novice researcher in the midst of a crisis of confidence, to continue with my doctoral clinical action research project, in spite of initial setbacks. I had found a gem, a rare gift in the international nursing literature that engages the reader from the first chapter and that I could relate to on many levels, as practitioner, educator and researcher.

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