International Practice Development Journal


Title of ArticleChallenging and supporting Advanced Practice Nurse students in the Netherlands to use active, creative and participative methods in their facilitation of learning
Type of ArticleCritical reflection on practice development
Author/sTeatske Johanna van der Zijpp, Famke van Lieshout, Donna Frost
ReferenceVolume 1, Issue 1, Article 7
Date of PublicationJune 2011
KeywordsActive learning, creative arts, facilitation, identification of learning issues, participation, transformation of practice


Effectively managing change, influencing political processes and empowering others are three reciprocal elements within leadership for nurses in advanced practice roles (Hamric et al., 2005). To successfully initiate and facilitate such processes of transformation, we believe Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) must begin by enabling the identification of relevant problems and learning needs, collaboratively with practitioners, in their particular practice contexts. The APN is then challenged to help others learn in ways which will facilitate transformations of both individual and wider nursing practice. In this paper we will share our progress in enabling Masters of Advanced Nursing Practice (MANP) students to use active, creative and participative strategies in their facilitation of learning in practice. We also reflect on our journey towards achieving congruency between our espoused theories and our theories-in-use as educators and facilitators of MANP student learning.

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This article by Teatske Johanna van der Zijpp, Famke van Lieshout, Donna Frost is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.

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