International Practice Development Journal

Volume 5 – Issue 1: May 2015


The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor


Professor Angie Titchen’s contribution to practice development

Brendan McCormack

Original Practice Development and Research

1. Action research: genesis, evolution and orientations

Angie Titchen

2. The ripple effect: personal scholarships and impact on practice development

Lesley Baillie and Ruth Taylor

This paper includes a commentary by Caroline Shuldham and a response by Lesley Baillie and Ruth Taylor

3. Implementation of a nurse-led education programme for chronic heart failure patients during hospitalisation, and strategies supporting their self-management at home: a practice development project in the context of the Swiss healthcare system

Cornelia Bläuer, Irena Anna Frei, Wilfried Schnepp and Rebecca Spirig

4. Is it possible to bring the emancipatory practice development and evidence-based practice agendas together in nursing and midwifery?

Greg Fairbrother, Andrew Cashin, Tone Elin Mekki, Iain Graham and Brendan McCormack

5. Arts-informed narrative inquiry as a practice development methodology in mental health

Gail M. Lindsay and Jasna K. Schwind

6. From transformative learning to social change? Using action research to explore and improve informal complaints management in an NHS trust

Anki Odelius, Helen Allan, Billie Hunter, Karen Bryan, Wendy Knibb, Jill Shawe

Critical Review of Literature

7. Families, nurses and organisations contributing factors to medication administration error in paediatrics: a literature review

Albara Alomari, Val Wilson, Patricia M. Davidson and Joanne Lewis

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

8. From fixers to facilitators: the start to our South African journey

Celia J. Filmalter, Ilze van Eeden, Joanita de Kock, Brendan McCormack, Isabel Coetzee, Seugnette  Rossouw and Tanya Heyns

Celia J. Filmalter, Ilze van Eeden, Joanita de Kock and Seugnette Rossouw are novice writers and we would like to congratulate them on their first publication

9. The experience of being a member of the Student International Community of Practice: a collaborative reflection

Brighide M. Lynch and Donna Michelle Frost

10. A year on: a critical reflection on entering the world of practice development

Chris Benson

Chris is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate her on her first publication

Ideas and Influences

11. Gentle method: from actor training to leadership futures

Anthony McCann

12. Creating Caring Cultures: using animation to help people to get started

Kate Sanders and Theresa Shaw

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