International Practice Development Journal

Volume 13 – Issue 1: May 2023


Editorial: Finding hope in challenging times

The editorial is written by Kate Sanders and Caroline A.W. Dickson, IPDJ Academic Co-Editors

Original Articles

2. ‘Muchness’ as the subjective experience of well-being: sharing the findings of a participatory inquiry with nurses 

Kate Sanders

3. Embedding storytelling in practice through CAKE – a recipe for team well-being and effectiveness

Caroline Dickson and Kath MacDonald

4. “Tell me! Learning from narratives”: an evaluation of an educational programme on narrative inquiry for nursing home care students   

Irene J.M. Muller-Schoof, Miranda Snoeren, Marjolein E.A. Verbiest, Annerieke Stoop and Katrien G. Luijkx

5. Starting conversations about intimacy and sexuality: designing a tool for healthcare professionals and older adults in long-term care   

Sonja van der Sluis, Harmieke van Os-Medendorp, Karin Voortman-Overbeek, Ingrid Buwalda, Marjolein E.M. Den Ouden, Noëlle Sant, Jos Thalen and Jan S. Jukema

Sonja is a novice writer and we’d like to congratulate her on her first publication

6. The application of a person-centred approach to process improvement in ophthalmology services in the North East of the Republic of Ireland  

Seán Paul Teeling, Anne-Marie Keown, Úna Cunningham and David Keegan

7. A case study evaluation of the legacy practitioner role: implications for system and workforce transformation   

Sally Hardy

Critical Reflections

8. Implementing workplace wellness in healthcare settings: the lessons learned from the SEED wellness team reflective journaling 

Ruth Everingham and Padmini Pai

Ruth and Padmini are both novice writers and we’d like to congratulate them on their first publications

9. A critical reflection on the transformation from Bachelor of Nursing student to researcher  

Meg Kelly, Kelly Marriott Statham and Maria Mackay

Meg is a novice writer and we’d like to congratulate her on her first publication

Ideas and Influences

10. PhD trials and parenthood tribulations: adopting a person-centred approach to support the ticking of two clocks  

Alison Kelly

11. Person-centred care in Australian aged care  

Brianna Elise

Brianna is a novice writer and we’d like to congratulate her on her first publication

12. Into a place where thoughts can bloom: a reflection on how raising awareness of our multiple intelligences can support learning and growth  

Grace Cook

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