International Practice Development Journal

Volume 6 – Issue 2: Nov 2016

Editorial: Avoiding practice development illiteracy

The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Original Practice Development and Research

2. Creative reflections on Enhancing Practice 16: new explorations, insights and inspirations for practice developers

Debbie Baldie, Angela Brown, Jan Dewing, Caroline Dickson, Karen LeGrow, Maria Mackay, Rebekkah Middleton and Kate Sanders

3. Celebrating international collaboration: reflections on the first Virtual International Practice Development Conference

Moira Stephens, Jan Dewing, Angela Brown, Rebekkah Middleton and Victoria Neville

4. Journey to a shared vision for nursing in a university hospital

Jacqueline S. Martin, Stephan Schärer, Esther Sackmann Rageth, Anja Ulrich, Michael Wehrli and Irena Anna Frei

5. Leading the health service into the future: transforming the NHS through transforming ourselves

Mansoor Akhtar, James Norbert Casha, Julia Ronder, Mohamed Sakel, Catherine Wight and Kim Manley

Mansoor Akhtar and James Norbert Casha are novice writers and we would like to congratulate them on their first publication

6. Concepts of person-centred care: a framework analysis of five studies in daily care practices

Margreet van der Cingel, Lobke Brandsma, Mirjam van Dam, Marcella van Dorst, Claudia Verkaart and Cilleke van der Velde

This paper includes a commentary by Joanna Goodrich

7. Promoting independence at mealtimes for older persons with severe dementia

Liv Helene Jensen, Karin Håvarstein Rekve, Ingun Dina Ulstein and Kirsti Skovdahl

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

8. Facilitating the development of a shared purpose in a university department: the first stage towards developing a culture of shared governance 

Brian McGowan, Debbie Goode and Kim Manley

9. Learning to walk the community of practice tightrope

Denise Edgar, Rosie Watson, Sherri Towle, Joanne McLoughlin, Amanda Paloff, Sonia Markocic, Joanne Joyce-McCoach, Vida Bliokas and Janine Bothe

Sherri Towle, Joanne McLoughlin, Amanda Paloff and Sonia Markocic are novice writers and we would like to congratulate them on their first publication

10. The nursing contribution to ethical decision making

Barbara Dinten-Schmid, Liliane Stoffel, Diana Staudacher, Jane McDougall, Ruth Baumann-Hölzle and Rebecca Spirig

11. Emerging from physiotherapy practice, masters-level education and returning to practice: a critical reflection based on Mezirow’s transformative learning theory

Leane Owen

Ideas and Influences

12. Learning for carers as a means to empowerment: a Welsh vision 

Tina Donnelly CBE

13. Making sense of critical participatory action research. Reflections on The Action Research Planner: Doing Critical Participatory Action Research

Maria Mackay

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