Title of ArticleWhy is Sue Pembrey’s work still so relevant today?
Type of ArticleIdeas and Influences
Author/sCharlotte McArdle
ReferenceVolume 3, Issue 2, Article 13
Date of PublicationNovember 2013
Keywordsclinical expert, leader, manager, person centred care, ward sister

Sue Pembrey was author of the thesis ‘The Ward Sister-Key to Nursing’ which was first published as a book in 1980. It was one of a series of research papers published around this time focusing on the role of the ward sister. I have chosen to review Pembrey’s work for three reasons:

  • Her work had a strong influence on me and how I ran my ward in the late 90s. Her work shaped my thinking on how to organise nursing care, manage, lead and educate a team of nurses and assistants so that we could provide the best possible patient centred care we could provide.
  • I referred to Pembrey’s work in my own unpublished research for my MSc, learning from both her research methodology and outcomes. I carried out a smaller but methologically similar study with my peer group of ward sisters to further develop my thinking on patient centred care.
  • Most importantly I have reviewed Pembrey’s work as I wish to discuss its relevance to practice today. I believe the ward sister role/team leader role is fundamental to the running of our health service and to ensure that patients and their families have a good clinical outcome where possible and a good experience of care. Sue Pembrey’s research reaffirms my belief and recent high profile reports such as Francis (2013) highlights the crucial role ward sisters still have.

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