Title of ArticleFacilitating person-centred learning between nursing students and clinical supervisors in practice: guideline and programme development
Type of ArticleOriginal Practice Development and Research
Author/sMaria Mackay and Carley Jans
ReferenceVolume 12, Issue 1, Article 3
Date of PublicationMay 2022
KeywordsClinical placement, clinical supervision, facilitation, person-centred curricula, practice-based learning

Background: Current literature is silent regarding the steps required to facilitate person-centred learning in practice between students and their clinical supervisors. This participatory person-centred inquiry was undertaken to address that gap and was underpinned by the theoretical perspectives of transformational learning and person-centredness.

Aim: This research study aimed first to identify the essential steps for effective facilitation of person-centred learning between nursing students and clinical supervisors in the practice context, and second, to develop a guideline as the basis for a person-centred education programme for clinical supervisors.

Methods: The study methodology was aligned to the principles of person-centred research, which are participatory and transformational in intention. The associated methods were embedded in critical dialogue and critical creativity, including the use of art to explore the experiences of the clinical supervisors. The information gathered was synthesised using a creative hermeneutic approach.

Findings: Seven steps were identified: crafting healthful relationships; meet and check-in process; daily interaction and supervision; feedback in the moment; critical conversation; group debriefing; check out; and completion of the placement. Finally, to embed the guideline in practice learning, a person-centred educational programme for clinical supervisors was developed.

Conclusions: Embedding guidelines for person-centred facilitation of learning in practice provides a basis for the education and practice of clinical supervisors. Further research is required to include the student voice in this process.

Implications for practice:

  • The person-centred facilitation of learning between nursing students and their clinical supervisors in the practice context is a shared responsibility
  • The seven steps to person-centred facilitation of learning enable person-centred learning for both nursing students and clinical supervisors
  • Further research on the impact of the seven steps is required, with a focus on the voice of nursing students regarding their role

This article by Maria Mackay and Carley Jans is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.

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