International Practice Development Journal

Volume 10 – Issue 1: May 2020


The place of person-centred care in an international response to the Covid-19 pandemic

The editorial is written by Gemma Stacey, IPDJ Academic Editor 

Original Practice Development and Research

2. Disrupting dehumanising and intersecting patterns of modernity with a relational ethic of Caring

Gail Mitchell, Sherry L. Dupuis, Pia Kontos, Christine Jonas-Simpson and Julia Gray

3. A person-centred observational tool: devising the Workplace Culture Critical Analysis Tool®

Val Wilson, Jan Dewing, Shaun Cardiff, Tone Elin Mekki, Christine Øye and Tanya McCance

4. The heart of caring – understanding compassionate care through story telling

Suzanne J. Murray and Karen A. Tuqiri

5. Reaching for the rainbow: person-centred practice in palliative care

Erna Haraldsdottir, Kim Donaldson, Anna Lloyd, Irene Barclay and Brendan McCormack

6. An appreciative inquiry into older adults’ pain experience in long term care facilities: a pain education initiative

Jennifer N. Auxier, Sian Roberts, Lauren Laing, Lee Finch, Sara Tung and Lillian Hung

7. Nursing students’ experiences with clinical placement in a marginal Norwegian nursing home learning environment

Turid-Irén Jacobsen, Kirstin Onshuus, Hjørdis Frisnes and Marianne Thorsen Gonzalez

Discussion Article

8. Which is it, person-centred culture, practice or care? It matters

Denise Edgar, Valerie Wilson and Tracey Moroney

Critical Reflection on Practice Development 

9. A reflection of my experience of compassion and vulnerability in nursing 

Marie Matriano and Rebekkah Middleton

10. Supporting transformational learning processes for person-centred healthcare research in doctoral education: a critical creative reflection

Karen Rennie and Niamh Kinsella

11. The Student International Community of Practice: a critical reflection on the shared experience of being a member using creative hermeneutics

Kate Sanders, Kelly Marriott-Statham, Maria Mackay, Ailsa McMillan, Karen Rennie, Betty Ann Robinson, Seán Paul Teeling

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