International Practice Development Journal

Volume 9 – Issue 2: Nov 2019

Editorial: The power of relationships

The editorial is written by Gemma Stacey, IPDJ Academic Editor

Original Practice Development and Research

2. Experiences of older adults and undergraduate students in co-creating age-friendly services in an educational living lab

Annemieke van den Berg, Belinda Dewar, Carolien Smits and Jan S. Jukema

3. Staying on track in changing landscapes: mapping complex projects in health services

Hellen Dahl, Kristin Ådnøy Eriksen, Marianne Hauge Wennersberg, Sølvi Heimestøl and Brendan McCormack

This article includes a commentary by Angie Titchen and a response by the authors

4. Microsystems culture change: a refined theory for developing person-centred, safe and effective workplaces based on strategies that embed a safety culture

Kim Manley, Carolyn Jackson and Christine McKenzie

5. Implementing family systems nursing through a participatory, circular knowledge-to-action research approach in women’s health

Marianne Kläusler-Troxler, Heidi Petry, Regula Lanter and Rahel Naef

6. Assessing contextual readiness: the first step towards maternity transformation

Ciaran Crowe and Kim Manley

7. ‘If we truly cared’: understanding barriers to person-centred nursing in correctional facilities

Pele Solell and Kylie Smith

Critical Review of Literature

8. Barriers and facilitators perceived by registered nurses to providing person-centred care at the end of life. A scoping review

Ana Carvajal, Erna Haraldsdottir, Thilo Kroll, Brendan McCormack, Begoña Errasti-Ibarrondo and Philip Larkin

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

9. Reflections on group power differentials across one safety professional’s career: In search of an optimal psychosocial safety climate

Eugene Laloo, Shahnaz Bakand, Natalia Hanley and Robyn Coman

10. Learning through play: using evidence to improve child asthma care

Heather Henry

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