International Practice Development Journal

Volume 4 – Issue 1: May 2014


The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Critical Commentary

1. Unlocking the doors: introducing practice development to Canadian healthcare

Nadine Janes

Original Practice Development and Research

2. A shared purpose framework to deliver person-centred safe and effective care: organisational transformation using practice development methodology

Kim Manley, Helen O’Keefe, Carrie Jackson, Julie Pearce and Sally Smith

This paper includes a commentary by Dave Ashton and a response by the authors

The IPDJ is delighted that the England Centre for Practice Development has sponsored this paper

3. Critical Ally and Critical Friend: stepping stones to facilitating practice development

Michele Hardiman and Jan Dewing

Michele is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate her on her first publication

4. Methodological considerations and experiences in clinical application research design

Albertine Ranheim and Maria Arman

This paper includes a commentary by Angie Titchen

5. Writing for recovery: a practice development project for mental health service users, carers and survivors

Sam Taylor, Helen Leigh-Phippard and Alec Grant

6. Recovery-oriented conversations in a milieu therapeutic setting

Ellen Andvig and Stian Biong

7. Improving the timeliness of mental health assessment for children and adolescents in a multidisciplinary team

Nicola Evans

8. An innovative toolkit: increasing the role and value of patient and public involvement in the dissemination of research findings

Elaine McNichol and Paul Grimshaw

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

9. The Aspire to Inspire programme in aged care: the final chapter, one year on

Jan Dewing, Anna-Marie Harmon and Jane Nolan

10. Reflecting on the process of developing a nursing framework through collaboration

Wendy Blair and Sue Wood

Ideas and Influences

11. Enhancing the quality and safety of the nursing model of care: Planning for a new children’s hospital in Western Australia  

Joanne Siffleet, Tessie Abbott, Anne Bourke and Sue Peter

12. Using stories within practice development

Jo Odell

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