International Practice Development Journal

Volume 11 – Issue 1: May 2022


We are creative – are you?

The editorial is written by Caroline A.W. Dickson and Kate Sanders, IPDJ Academic Co-Editors

Original Practice Development and Research

2. The Queen’s Nurses collaborative inquiry – understanding individual and collective experiences of transformative learning

Brendan McCormack, Clare Cable, Jane Cantrell, Alison Bunce, Jane Douglas, Julie Fitzpatrick, Nikki Forsyth, Jeanie Gallacher, Jen Grant, Lindsey Griffin, Christina Guinnane, Keri Hollis, Kirsten Kernaghan, Mary Kinninmonth, Fiona Mason, Gabriela Maxwell, Pauline McIntyre, Stephen Mullay, Gayle Ridge, Joanna Taylor, Margaret Wilkieson, Elaine Wilson and Debbie Wishart

3. The impact of implementing person-centred nursing key performance indicators on the experience of care: a research evaluation

Val Wilson, Donna Brown and Tanya McCance

4. Calling time on the ‘dance of the blind reflex’: how collaborative working reduced older persons’ length of stay in acute care and increased home discharge

Dolores Donegan, Seán Paul Teeling, Martin McNamara, Edel McAweeney, Lynda McGrory and Rose Mooney

5. Implementing the PIE (Person, Interaction and Environment) programme to improve person-centred care for people with dementia admitted to hospital wards: a qualitative evaluation

Ann Skingley, Mary Godfrey, Rosemary Henderson, Kim Manley, Rosie Shannon and John Young

6. Moving stories: exploring the LIFE session storytelling method as a way of enhancing innovative, generative outcomes in practice

Edel Roddy, Tamsin MacBride, Annette Coburn, Anna Jack-Waugh and Belinda Dewar

7. An educational initiative to support the development of communities of practice in older people’s care home settings

Kirsten Jack, Louise Jones and Claire Hamshire

8. Evaluating the co-production of active ward principles in an inpatient setting: staff developments from using person-centred practice development

Juliet Harvey and Heather Cameron

9. Constructing a measure of balance recovery confidence for older persons: content themes from different stakeholders 

Shawn Leng-Hsien Soh, Fiona Gilmour, Judith Lane, Shalini Asokan, Kang Ling Woan and

Chee-Wee Tan

Critical Reflection on Practice Development 

10. The influence of music on black, Asian and minority ethnic women working in the field of domestic violence and abuse: critical reflection on music as method

Kathryn Waddington and Maria Erbman

Maria Erbman is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate her on her first publication

11. Co-researchers in motion: a journey of evolving relationships. A critical reflection on the co-operation between two older adults and a nurse researcher

Jan S. Jukema, Jacqueline van Alphen, Jopie Jorritsma and Miranda Snoere

Ideas and Influences 

12. Transitional nursing care for older inpatients: a person-centred research programme

Cédric Mabire and Joanie Pellet

13. Implementing a vision of person-centredness across a new university hospital in Denmark

Bibi Hølge-Hazelton, Thora Grothe Thomsen, Mette Kjerholt and Elizabeth Rosted

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