Title of ArticleExploring the utility of a ‘PRAXIS’ evaluation framework in capturing transformation: a tool for all seasons?
Type of ArticleOriginal practice development and research
Author/sSally Hardy, Val Wilson and Bob Brown
ReferenceVolume 1, Issue 2, Article 2
Date of PublicationNovember 2011
KeywordsArchaeology, evaluation, innovation, praxis, transformation


An evaluation approach, developed for the purpose of capturing greater understanding of transformational change in healthcare contexts, is presented. PRAXIS evaluation is an innovative framework that aims to capture the dynamic subtleties of individual, team and organisational transformation within the complexity of contemporary healthcare contexts. The PRAXIS evaluation framework offers a collaborative process for evaluating healthcare practice change and takes into consideration the influences of workplace culture. An ultimate intention is to further inform new knowledge creation and its subsequent transfer into critically informed, considered, practical action; i.e. praxis. The intention is to provide examples of using the PRAXIS evaluation framework for planning, implementing and delivering an evaluation project that pays attention to capturing and exploring, in depth and in detail, both process and outcome evaluation data alongside inter-relational issues that are often hidden or ignored. The PRAXIS evaluation framework aims to expose, critically consider and utilise, multiple issues in a systematic approach that captures the relational dynamism of the environment alongside participants’ own influential contribution to healthcare transformation.

This article by Sally Hardy, Val Wilson and Bob Brown is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.

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