International Practice Development Journal

Volume 1 – Issue 2: Nov 2011


The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Original Practice Development and Research

1. Effective workplace culture: the attributes, enabling factors and consequences of a new concept

Kim Manley, Kate Sanders, Shaun Cardiff and Jonathan Webster

Includes a commentary by Theo Niessen and a response by the authors

2. Exploring the utility of a ‘PRAXIS’ evaluation framework in capturing transformation: a tool for all seasons?

Sally Hardy, Val Wilson and Bob Brown

Includes a commentary by Jan Dewing and a response by Sally Hardy

3. Realising participation within an action research project on two care innovation units providing care for older people

Miranda Snoeren and Donna Frost

Includes a commentary by Ruth Balogh and a response by the authors

4. Piloting discovery interview technique to explore its utility in improving dignity in acute care for older people

Jackie Bridges and Maria Tziggili

Includes a commentary by Shaun Cardiff and a response by the authors

5. Establishing a hospice at home service: lessons to share

Catherine R Baldry, Barbara A Jack, Karen E Groves, Helen Birch and Ann Shard

Includes a commentary by Annette Solman and a response by the authors

Critical Review of Literature

6. Advanced practitioner roles: relevance and sustainability in a ‘liberated’ NHS

Elaine Pierce and Ruth Belling

Includes a commentary by Richard Hatchett and a response by the authors

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

7. Swimming against the tide – developing a flourishing partnership for organisational transformation

Carrie Jackson and Alice Webster

8. Hip deep in the ‘messy lowland’: using fourth generation evaluation to make sense of practice complexities

Barbara G. Cowie and Nadine Janes

9.  From fixer to facilitator: going round in circles promotes change!

Helen Hunnisett

Helen is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate her on her first publication

Ideas and Influences

10. The work of John Heron

Brendan McCormack

11. Alison Binnie and Angie Titchen (1999) Freedom to Practise: The Development of Patient-centred Nursing. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann.

Jonathan Webster

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