International Practice Development Journal

Volume 10 – Issue 2: Nov 2022


A cause for celebration

The editorial is written by Caroline A.W. Dickson and Kate Sanders, IPDJ Co-academic Editors

Original Practice Development and Research

2. Guiding lights for effective workplace cultures that are also good places to work

Shaun Cardiff, Kate Sanders, Jonathan Webster and Kim Manley

This article has been corrected.

3. Knowing the person of the resident – a theoretical framework for Person-centred Practice in Long-term Care (PeoPLe)

Hanna Mayer, Brendan McCormack, Christiane Hildebrandt, Sabine Köck-Hódi, Eva Zojer and Martin Wallner

4. Generating insights into what matters to emergency nurses and family members when caring for older people with dementia: how to use generativity as a principle of appreciative inquiry 

Sarah Watkins, Belinda Dewar, Margaret Graham, Fiona Murphy, Catriona Kennedy and Pauline O’Reilly

5. Live well after stroke 

Karen Connolly, Seán Paul Teeling and Martin McNamara

6. Exploring how Small Acts of Friendship encourage human flourishing on medical wards for older people  

Muna Al-Jawad, Joanna Connor and Paola O’Sullivan

7. Taking a step into the unknown: facilitators’ role and experiences after attending the Foundation Practice Development School 

Therese Hirsbrunner, Esther Siegrist, Horst Rettke and Irena Anna Frei

Esther Siegrist is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate her on her first publication

8. Managers’ perceptions of competence and practice development following education in the prevention and management of staff-directed aggression: promoting person-centred practice  

Erlend R. Maagerø-Bangstad, Knut Tore Sælør and Ottar Ness

Critical Review of Literature

9. Factors that influence social dignity in persons with aphasia in their contact with healthcare professionals: a systematic literature review of qualitative studies  

Signe Vallumrød, Aud Johannessen and Anne Lyberg

Critical Reflection on Practice Development 

10. Researcher as instrument: a critical reflection using nominal group technique for content development of a new patient-reported outcome measure  

Shawn Leng-Hsien Soh, Judith Lane and Chee-Wee Tan

Shawn Soh is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate him on his first publication

11. Evaluation of collaborative care planning in mental health treatment centres: a review from patient, provider and administrator perspectives  

Janice Fyfe, Olivia Lounsbury, Taylore Einarsson, Donna Prosser

12. Building better relationships: developing critically reflective practice when working preventively with domestic violence and abuse  

Jodie Das and Kathryn Waddington

13. Sustainable practices in health science research: a critical reflection of doctoral students’ contributions at the fourth annual Baltic Sea Region Network in Personalized Health Care summer school

Jennifer N. Auxier, Henna-Riikka Hakojärvi, Abigail Kusi Amponsah, Angelika Schley, Linda Gaertner, Cecilia Haddad Ringborg and Suvi Sundgren

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