International Practice Development Journal

Volume 12 – Special Issue

Developing a pan-European Person-centred Curriculum Framework: a whole systems approach

1. Editorial: Educating for a person-centred future – the need for curriculum innovation  

Brendan McCormack

The Articles

2. Developing a Person-centred Curriculum Framework: a whole-systems methodology

Brendan McCormack, Ruth Magowan, Deirdre O’Donnell, Amanda Phelan, Gregor Štiglic and Famke van Lieshout

3. A mixed methods approach to the development of a Person-centred Curriculum Framework: surfacing person-centred principles and practices

Deirdre O’Donnell, Caroline A.W. Dickson, Amanda Phelan, Donna Brown, Gobnait Byrne, Shaun Cardiff, Neal F. Cook, Stephanie Dunleavy, Sergej Kmetec and Brendan McCormack

4. The Person-centred Curriculum Framework: a universal curriculum framework for person-centred healthcare practitioner education  

Neal F. Cook, Donna Brown, Deirdre O’Donnell, Tanya McCance, Caroline A. W. Dickson, Siri Tønnessen, Stephanie Dunleavy, Mateja Lorber, Helle K. Falkenberg, Gobnait Byrne and Brendan McCormack


5. Implementing a pan-European Person-centred Curriculum Framework: The need for a strategic whole systems approach

Charlotte McArdle and Marie-Louise Luiking

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