International Practice Development Journal

Volume 2 – Issue 1: May 2012


The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Guest Editorial

The guest editorial is written by Brendan McCormack, Institute of Nursing Research, University of Ulster

Original Practice Development and Research

1. A reflection on nurse advocacy for the person experiencing dementia whilst an in-patient in the general and acute sector

Mo Boersma

Includes a commentary by Abi Masterson and a response by the author. Mo is a novice writer and we would like to offer our congratulations on this publication

2. Using creative methods in practice development to understand and develop compassionate care

Belinda Dewar

3. ‘How did it come to this?’ Causal network analysis in practice and service development

John Unsworth, Sally Lawton, Gordon Linklater

Includes a commentary by Colin McDuff

4. Finding the hidden heart of healthcare: the development of a framework to evidence person-centred practice

Jane Christie, Jane Camp, Kate Cocozza, James Cassidy and Judy Taylor

Includes a commentary by Fiona Cook and a response by the authors

5. Transforming culture in the critical care environment – the building block of the journey

Suzanne Murray, Jonathan Magill and Megan Pinfold

Includes a commentary by Theresa Shaw

6. Developing a learning environment in prison health care

Dr Elizabeth Walsh and Alan Bee

Critical Reflection on Practice Development

7. Parking to achieve conscious competence: a reflection about practice development in the context of people with learning disabilities using hospital services

Daniel Marsden

Includes a commentary by Angie Titchen. Daniel is a novice writer and we would like to offer our congratulations on this publication

8. Emancipation or symbolic participation: How can we ‘do’ action research as a democratic process?

Heid Svenkerud Aasgaard, Marit Borg, Bengt Karlsson

9. Working with relationships and boundaries: Part 1 – developing relationships

Caroline Williams

10. Working with relationships and boundaries: Part 2 – setting boundaries

Caroline Williams

Ideas and Influences

11. A model for understanding and working with mental illness: Gerald Caplan and ‘Principles of Preventive Psychiatry’

Tony Butterworth

12. Practice development and end of life care

Michael Shannon, Lorna Peelo-Kilroe

13. Margaret J Wheatley (2007) Finding Our Way: Leadership for Uncertain Times. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler

Debra Thoms

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