International Practice Development Journal


Title of ArticleCreating Caring Cultures: using animation to help people to get started
Type of ArticleIdeas and Influences
Author/sKate Sanders and Theresa Shaw
ReferenceVolume 5, Issue 1, Article 12
Date of PublicationMay 2015
Keywordsanimation, culture, practice development

This paper outlines how FoNS has developed the idea of using an animation to help people to get started with culture change.

FoNS works with people, helping them to develop themselves and their practice to improve care. Although the purpose of some of this work might be to improve a certain aspect of practice, care or the patient experience, our overall intention is to help people to create more caring cultures. We believe that in caring cultures, patients receive care that is effective, safe and person-centred, and staff feel valued and supported.

Although much has been spoken about the need for culture change over the past few years, following the publication of several high-profile reports into significant failures in health and social care in the UK (Health Service Ombudsman, 2011; Patterson, 2011; Francis, 2010, 2013), in our experience of working with staff at the frontline of care, they are often at a loss as to know how to get started. They may recognise that there are things that could be or need to be improved, but are unsure how to achieve this. It seems that a lot of attention has been focused on the ‘what’ but not so much on the ‘how’, particularly at the level of frontline care and services.


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This article by Kate Sanders and Theresa Shaw is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 License.

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