Volume 6 – Issue 1: May 2016

Editorial: Five years old already: forward we go

The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor



2. The articulation of impressions, an interview with Kari Martinsen

Interviewed by Christine Øye and Tone Elin Mekki

Translated by Hilde Haaland-Kramer


Original Practice Development and Research

3. Practice development using video reflexive ethnography: promoting safe space(s) towards the end of life in hospital

Aileen Collier


4. Using poems to explore the meaning of compassion to undergraduate nursing students

Kirsten Jack and Josie Tetley


Critical Reflection on Practice Development

5. Developing an holistic assessment protocol on a hospice in-patient ward: staff engagement and my role as a practice development facilitator

John Lansdell


6. A reflection on choosing practice development as a framework to explore music as a therapeutic method to reduce anxiety in patients living with dementia in a ward setting

Alasdair Pithie


7. A reflection on using play to facilitate learning

Margaret Martin


8. A reflective account on becoming reflexive: the 7 Cs of caring conversations as a framework for reflexive questioning

Edel Roddy and Belinda Dewar

Edel Roddy is a novice writer and we would like to congratulate her on her first publication


9. Person-centredness in graduate nursing education: practice development in action

Karen LeGrow, Karen Campbell, Nancy Elford, Krista L. McLaughlin and Alliah Over

Karen Campbell, Nancy Elford, Krista L. McLaughlin and Alliah Over are novice writers and we would like to congratulate them on their first publication


10. The compassion gap in UK universities

Kathryn Waddington


11. Using creative writing to explore facilitation skills in practice

Ann Price, Kathrin Hirter, Clare Lippiatt and Kerry O’Neill


Critical Commentary

12. Reflection and person-centredness in practice development

Kylie Smith


Ideas and Influences

13. A healthful experience? A patient practice development journey

Erna Snelgrove Clarke


14. What is the place of interprofessional education in supporting the continuum of care for patients?

Annette Solman


Critical Commentary

15. Quality improvement – rival or ally of practice development?

Gavin Lavery


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