International Practice Development Journal

Volume 5 – Special Issue

Person-centredness, September 2015


The International Community of Practice for Person-centred practice

The editorial is written by Jan Dewing, IPDJ Academic Editor

Guest Editorial

The currentness of person-centred practice

The Guest Editorial is written by Gaby Jacobs, Professor and Head of Knowledge, School of People and Health Studies, Fontys University of Applied Science, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The Papers

1. Person-centredness – the ‘state’ of the art

Brendan McCormack, Marit Borg, Shaun Cardiff, Jan Dewing, Gaby Jacobs, Nadine Janes, Bengt Karlsson, Tanya McCance, Tone Elin Mekki, Davina Porock, Famke van Lieshout and Val Wilson

2. Curriculum design for person-centredness: mindfulness training within a bachelor course in nursing

Theo Niessen and Gaby Jacobs

3. Reflections on flourishing people, spaces and places TEDxQMU

Ruth Magowan and Brendan McCormack

4. Reflections on being and becoming a person-centred facilitator

Famke van Lieshout and Shaun Cardiff

5. Partnering for performance in situational leadership: a person-centred leadership approach

Brighide Lynch

6. Engagement: a critique of the concept and its application to person-centred care

Jan Dewing and Brendan McCormack

7. Recovery and person-centredness in mental health services: roots of the concepts and implications for practice

Jan Kåre Hummelvoll, Bengt Karlsson and Marit Borg

8. Using person-centred key performance indicators to improve paediatric services: an international venture

Tanya McCance and Val Wilson

9. Exploring person-centred practice within acute hospital settings

Paul Slater, Tanya McCance and Brendan McCormack

10. Good enough evaluation

Val Wilson and Tanya McCance

11. Revealing and acting on patient care experiences: exploring the use of Photovoice in practice development work through case study methodology

Nadine Janes, Barbara Cowie, Kim Bell, Penney Deratnay and Candice Fourie

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