International Practice Development Journal

Volume 10 – Special Issue

Person-centred Curricula

1. Editorial: Educating for a person-centred future – the need for curriculum innovation  

Brendan McCormack

The Articles

2. A meta-synthesis of person-centredness in nursing curricula

Deirdre O’Donnell, Brendan McCormack, Tanya McCance and Sonja McIlfatrick

3. Review of developments in person-centred healthcare

Amanda Phelan, Brendan McCormack, Jan Dewing, Donna Brown, Shaun Cardiff, Neal F. Cook, Caroline A.W. Dickson, Sergej Kmetec, Mateja Lorber, Ruth Magowan, Tanya McCance, Kirsti Skovdahl, Gregor Štiglic and Famke van Lieshout

4. Developing philosophical and pedagogical principles for a pan-European person-centred curriculum framework  

Caroline A.W. Dickson, Famke van Lieshout, Sergej Kmetec, Brendan McCormack, Kirsti Skovdahl, Amanda Phelan, Neal F. Cook, Shaun Cardiff, Donna Brown, Mateja Lorber, Ruth Magowan, Tanya McCance, Jan Dewing and Gregor Štiglic

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