This library includes:

Project reports: a library of over 130 project reports

Improvement Insights: handy summaries of the project reports

Evaluations: evaluation reports on FoNS programmes


Journal: all issues of the International Practice Development Journal along with editorial and organisational information 

See also:

The Creating Caring Culture model, animation and resources (a guide to getting started with culture change in the workplace, in the Learning Zone)

The Revalidation animation and activites (a step-by-step guide to revlaistion with associated activities, in Programmes)

The Links page (links to other organisations, in the Common Room)

FoNS Blog (topical and inspiring thingking from FoNS staff and poeple we work with, in the Common Room)

A summary of projects relating to nurse-led services and leadership (updated March 2017)

Resources related to hospice, palliative and end of life care (updated May 2018)

Culture Change

As health and social care staff, we all want to be kind and caring and make sure that services are safe and effective. FoNS' Culture Change model, resources and animation can help.


Revalidation animation and resources

Step-by-step guide to nursing revalidation

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